The Liberec Region is the second smallest region in the Czech Republic. It is located in northern Bohemia and the area includes the north of the Czech basin, Jizera Mountains, the western foothills of the Krkonoše Mountains, and the eastern part of the Luž Mountains. The seat of the Region is the town Liberec.

                Krkonoše    Jizera mountains

The Region offers outstanding natural and cultural cBohemian Paradiseonditions for tourism, both in the winter (alpine as well as cross-country skiing) and in the summer.

Practically any activity is available for summer tourists – walking and cycling, mountain climbing, urban tourism, and heritage sight-seeing.  Spas also play an important role and are often sought by foreign visitors.


The unique structure of the Ještěd hotel has become a symbol for the region at large, which received a Perret’s prize.

The rich cultural and historical tradition of the district is reflected not only in the large amount of historic buildings and monuments, but also in the cultural facilities.

ZOO Liberec

The North Bohemia Museum, the Regional Gallery, and the District Research Library in Liberec are among the institutions of national importance. Major cultural institutions also include the Theatre of F. X. Šalda, the Zoo and Botanical Garden in Liberec.

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