Sprint Team Leaders Meeting

Invitation to the Sprint Event Centre and course setter’s point of view on the terrain

The centre of the second event of the World MTB Orienteering Championships – sprint race – will take place at an athletic stadium in Turnov. The stadium, which will be also the finish area of the race, is named after the Olympic discus champion Ludvík Daněk, who broke the world record for the first time in 1964. Since 1999, the year following his death, the stadium has hosted an annual track and field meeting in his honour – the „Ludvík Daněk Memorial“. The stadium is part of a sports complex that includes a sport hall, volleyball courts and gyms.

On the 19th of August 2015 this stadium will become a high-quality venue for competitors as well as spectators.  The centre will have a large display screen showing the progress of the race so that the fans can cheer their favourites at the finish area. The fans that will not be able to attend the event will have an opportunity to watch the race live on Czech TV channel 4.


Besides finish spurt on the athletic track, what else can the runners expect? According to Milan Meier, the planner of the courses, the sprint event area is a combination of an open land, parks, a residential urban area, and a forest with a dense network of paths and tracks. Part of the forest area is situated on a very steep slope so ride on some tracks might be technically and physically challenging for the competitors. Between two control points, all the competitors will climb approximately 40 meters at a linear distance of approximately 120 meters. There are some man-made objects that can help in navigation, e.g. small wooden houses; on the other hand, there are a variety of steps and small drainage trenches that will test the competitors´ biking skills. The terrain has never been used for any MTBO event.