Invitation to the Classic Distance Event Centre and Course setter’s point of view on the terrain

The Classic Distance Event Centre (Friday, August 21, 2015) will be situated in the Recreation and Sport Centre Vesec in Liberec which was built in 2009 for the premises of the Nordic World Ski Championships Liberec. Nowadays it is used all the year round, in the summer by inline skating enthusiasts, and in the winter by cross-country skiers who can choose from three trials of different difficulty. The Event Centre in Vesec was also used as the finish arena during the Orienteering World Cup 2011 organised by Slavia Liberec orienteering (


The competition area for classic distance is situated between two district towns: Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou at the altitude of 400-630 meters above sea.  The difference in altitude of the terrain varies and because there are not many flat passages, the terrain does not offer places for rest.

The network of paths is quite dense. Even if common forest paths prevail, there is also a range of narrow footpaths with a lot of technical sections that should be taken into account in a route choice.  Most riding will be on dead ground or stony tracks. A few minor roads of lower classification, which pass through the terrain, can be used during the race; one first class road near Jablonec nad Nisou will be forbidden to use. Higher humidity of the forest will not cause any problems. Most of the terrain is in a coniferous forest.

Leoš Bogar, the planner of the course, disclosed that the course is planned in a demanding hilly area and thus the bikers should consider various route choice alternatives regarding the broken surface of the terrain.