Bulletin 4

Directions maps


Bulletin 3 updates

Specification of riding off the tracks

Generally, according to the local rules and agreements, riding off the tracks is not allowed and the competitors riding on a bike off the tracks will be disqualified.

Movement out of the tracks is allowed only if competitors carry the bike. All controls will be situated on paths and achievable from the bike.

If there will be any place on map allowing off-track riding, it will be marked on a map with a special map symbol “839 – Rideable area”. If this situation occurs, competitors will be informed in an advance in Bulletin 4.

Bulletin 3 is available here:

Bulletin 3

Bulletin 2 updates

MTB Orienteering Commission has agreed at the meeting that the procedure for allocating start slots for the WMTBOC Long distance will be the same as in 2014.

“For the Long distance competition, the number of competitors who may enter is limited. The specifics of the qualification procedure are available on the IOF website at http://orienteering.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Procedure-for-allocating-WMTBOC-long-distance-start-slots.pdf. Competitors that do not qualify for the A final will be assigned to the B final.”

Bulletin 2 available here:

Bulletin 2

Bulletin 1 available here:

Bulletin 1